The Public Relations field has grown to cover diverse areas of business that might not seem obvious. These can include:

  • Complete email marketing strategies to keep your customers happy, aware of new services, and coming back regularly.
  • Coordinating articles and interviews with local (and national) media outlets which can draw attention to your business
  • Making contact with influential bloggers and social media figures to raise their awareness on the type of wonderful experience your business provides can drive customers your direction
  • Holiday cards are simple, but when done well they're both memorable, heartfelt and sometimes hilarious in ways that bring customers back for future services
  • Creating strategic opportunities for people to post about your business on social media can also serve as personalized advertising of your business from one friend to another
  • Even things like thank you cards following up with a recent customer can endear your business and cement positive feelings in your customers for years to come

  • Find out how Precipice Marketing can help your business maximize it's PR efforts.

    Precipice Marketing Services

    Local knowlege with global experience. Marketing to help your business climb.

    • Digital Markeing

      Digital marketing includes things like Google search marketing or Facebook and Instagram advertising. Even a great video on your website can make a huge difference.

    • Traditional Marketing

      From traditional advertising (newspapers, radio, movie theaters, etc) to printed informational flyers, brochures and business cards - the classics still deliver results.

    • Website Development

      Websites are critical to all businesses. The right website design will help customers find your business and help them get a feel for how great your products and services are.

    • Content Marketing

      Developing anything from an amazing paragraph about your business' services / products, updated photos and videos to be found in searches, interesting articles to draw visitors, etc.

    • Branding

      A great tagline and logo can make your business more attractive for first time visitors and super memorable for repeat customers. Are you ready to refresh your business image?

    • Public Relations

      Coordinating media and bloggers, email marketing, creating social media opportunities, writing thank you notes, holiday cards, and more.